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Typing services at Translation Company

Translation Company offers professional typing services in india and we deliver for all types of projects. Our typing services in delhi ncr are available for MS Word and PDF documents generation and we can serve any custom format to suit your project requirements. Our clients are spread around the world because we adopt high professionalism in our service. With fast and accurate typing services all over the world, Translation Company has become the preferred banner in Indian and global markets.

Seek the best language typing in India! We have on board professional typists who are adept in swift documents development so that you find the quality work accomplished in least of time. With negligible errors ratio per project, the discrepancies are almost eliminated and you get the authentic value as desired. We are also the leading multi-lingual typing service provider in India.Translation Company covers all the major and minor languages that are in practice in social economy. Ranging from Hindi and Punjabi in the north to Tamil and Kannada in the south, we cover all from the Indian linguistics spectrum. If you also seek the best typing services by multilingual translator in NCR & Delhi then come find the best through us!

Why choose Translation Company?

  • Work delivery through experts – experienced and certified typists attempt your project to ensure best results!
  • Privacy and confidentiality – none of the documents are spilled through unauthorized channels and we maintain complete privacy.
  • Timeliness – we maintain punctuality in our services and deliver in agreed timelines.
  • Best cost guaranteed – lowest cost and best service is assured
  • Multiple format support – all desirable formats are served
  • Diverse languages support – all Indian languages and leading world languages are supported
  • What we offer –

  • Document typing
  • Academics papers typing
  • Books typing
  • Online & web typing
  • Magazines and journals typing
  • Image and data typing
  • Medical papers typing
  • Resume and CV typing
  • Theses and research papers typing
  • Corporate documents typing including contracts
  • Legal documents typing
  • Financial documents typing including for banks and insurance firms
  • Leaflets and brochures typing
  • Exam papers typing
  • Business reports typing
  • With such wide typing services portfolio,Translation Company is the number one name that leads through its expertise and ability to customize as per the demands of the clients in various niches. If you also seek professional typing services then allow us to serve you once and we assure complete satisfaction!