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Best DTP Services atTranslation Company

Translation Company specializes in complete spectrum of DTP services that are delivered with high professionalism. We undertake DTP projects India for the clients that are spread in diverse niches of social economy. We also serve customers in different world regions including Americas, Europe & Australia among others and are the preferred desk top publishing outsourcing partner for global firms.

  • What we offer -
  • Translation Company is known for its comprehensive solution of DTP best services. We are the one stop destination for all kinds of DTP tasks and offer whole range of services like – Text formatting and typesetting services Layout designing services Multi-lingual desktop publishing services Graphics design services Creating & editing the technical copies We serve numerous orientations and demands through our DTP expertise such as –
  • Magazines & newsletters
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Flyers and pamphlets
  • User manuals and directories
  • Companies’ annual reports
  • Any other custom demand
  • To ensure high accuracy in the results, our professionals make use of the frontline markup languages such as HTML and XML and also the online doc formats like Acrobat PDF. The use of printer drivers and PostScript printers is also done as and where required in the DTP projects. Graphics use is done smartly and in a customized manner so that your orientation finds the correct and desirable value. Screenshots, logos and icons usage is done as per the resonant demands of the project. Multiple formats are also supported through the use of all the leading suites and platforms that are in demand in the DTP services spectrum. Final proof reading and editing is done as part of pre flight testing to make sure that gaps and discrepancies are done away with and the final illustration is error free. Why choose Translation Company for DTP services in Delhi?
  • High professionalism
  • At Translation Company, professionalism speaks through the core quality that is ensured always in every project. Our DTP technicians make use of the latest software and suites to generate the best results, hence generating satisfaction.
  • Fast service delivery
  • Projects’ execution is done in express mode; the reason being that we employ the skilled and trained workforces that deliver in least of timelines!
  • Assured scalabilities
  • We can scale up overnight to serve your demands. With a robust and ever ready base of workers at our disposal, we are capable to respond to the project requirements in an urgent mode.
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Your company data and information remains intact through smart encryptions and secure distribution protocols that are adhered to in-house at Translation Company.
  • Best prices
  • We offer most competitive prices in market and our cost to service ratio is the best. This makes us the number one DTP services provider in India and world. Come find the best DTP services through us as we eagerly await to serve you!