About Us

Translation Companyis a professional translation agency located Delhi (India). We provide translation, interpreting, DTP, typesetting, transcription, editing and proofreading services in any language or dialect. As a modern, vibrant and progressive translation agency we understand the necessity for accuracy, promptness and reliability in today’s busy and competitive business world, and we ensure that our clients receive an end product that completely meets their requirements.

  While translating, we always strive to convey the meaning of the source text most accurately while preserving the author’s style. We also fully preserve the initial formatting of electronic documents, including images, schemes and charts.

Translation Company (formerly Total Documentation Service) is a language translation agency that was founded in 2004 by professional translators and interpreter with more than two decades of translation experience. Our language translation company has served thousands of translation clients, from individuals, companies, and institutions to governments worldwide.

Our team has delivered translation projects that involve complex legal terminology, topnotch news reporting, large translation teams, accurate technical specifications, corporate annual reports, advertisements, engineering drawings, scientific papers, and many other types of written communications.